Clix - RobotNinjaZombie Apps




For iPhone.

Its awesome, trust me.

No internet connection required once the database has been downloaded.
Lots of new updates coming soon, once Apple approves the initial release.

Step 1: Download the database.

All sets are included - new sets updated daily.

Step 2: Create a team

You can name it anything you want. But dont name it something lame, lest someone see it and make fun of you.

Step 3: Add figures to team

Touch that icon on the right side of each row to add that figure. It looks like a plus sign walking up stairs.

Step 4: Check out the figure's dial.

Pinch to zoom, whaaaat? Yeah, its got that.

Step 5: Touch the dial

Underneath the dial you will see a description of the power you touched. Even special powers.

Step 6: Admire your team

This is not a great team.